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Animator - Motion Comic Designer - Comic Creator

Chris Warren

I'm a Phoenix based animator and motion comic creator. I have produced animations for Marvel, Valiant, Dark Horse and many others. I have recently begun creating my own comic book series entitled Maximus Blade.



My animation reel featuring some of my motion comic work with various comic book companies.

Click below to view my full animation portfolio

Some of my past clients:

Check out my new comic book:  MAXIMUS BLADE

After many years working with some of the biggest and greatest comic book companies and creators out there. I have finally decided to begin creating my very own comic book series, and here it is.

Find out what happens when the last human on Earth travels to the future and teams up with the strongest mutant in the wasteland?


The strongest warrior in the apocalypse must protect the last known human from gangs of mutants that want to swipe his DNA

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