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Maximus Blade Issue 1

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When Steve Spears, a regular kid from Hoboken, finds himself stuck in the dystopian wasteland of the year 2480 hunted by murderous gangs, cyborg armies and scores of other deadly mutants he needs to employ the help of the futures most violent warrior - Maximus Blade.

The problem is, Max is actually retired and the only thing he wants is to avoid violence.

Max is the last of the Blade Sentinels. A warrior trained to defend the weak against armies of mutant raiders. Some folks say he’s killed more mutants than the mega plague of 2412.

Follow the story of Steve, Maximus and Lady Penelope, a gorgeous altered human from the moon, as they travel the wasteland pursued by the nastiest of the nasty. Meet the genetically modified freaks of the wasteland who try to kill them and swipe Steve's DNA.

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